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We have added a blog to our website and would love for you to visit and let us know what yo think.  To start the conversation we are asking the question...."If you were king for the day, and had access to a pot of money, what would you like to see happen in your community"


Saturday October 27th
Eagle Mountain "All Class" Reunion and Harvest FestivaL

"Rock of Ages"

 Look for a day full of fun festivities starting with the  Harvest Festival
Games, raffle, costumes, local vendors and Artisans followed by
Dinner and a Dance
Featuring local performer Maggie Stiles!

199 seats available.  Call Julie at 760/399-6213 and reserve your seat now!!
Adults: $30.00 Children 12 and under $7.00

for more information or to join the conversation check us out on facebook at

The Royal Palms in Indio is providing discounted accommodations for those who wish to get a room in Indio, you can contact them by callin(760) 347-0911 and use promo code "DC2012" ask for Sylvia
Dry  Camping is Available through the Chuckwalla Valley Raceway.  $10.00 includes a dump and a fill.  Contact them at 760/227-3100

Chamber holds a Community Appreciation Dinner


On Wed. Feb. 22nd the DCACOC held its first annual Community Appreciation Dinner to pay tribute to all community volunteers and offer special recognition to a few organizations and individuals who have stood out over the years.  The Chamber and it’s dedicated group of volunteers , served a free Pasta Dinner with Salad, Bread and Dessert to half packed house of community members and volunteers. 


 Carolyn McChesney, the Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort and the Community of Lake Tamarisk were all honored for their participation with helping to raise money for the gifts that are given out each year during the Christmas Program.  Through the combined efforts, over­ $­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ 1200.00 was raised and the lives of 50 children were perhaps a little brighter by the end of the program thanks to the hard work, dedication and generosity of our community members.  The employees of the Desert Sunlight Project banded together and rose over $2500.00 for the Sparks of Love Program hosted by the Fire Department.  This program raises money for presents and food baskets for community members. This year they gathered 250 presents which were distributed to 60 kids and they gave out 40 food baskets.

Each year the Lions Club hosts numerous free events and many fundraisers for the community.  They sponsor the Pancake Breakfast and Book Sale, proceeds going to the Friends of the Library, they hosted a fund raiser all proceeds going to help Richard DeLashmit whose trailer burned down, they raise money for scholarships,  provide movies and ice cream socials, and  bring in speakers to help keep the community informed.  They will help obtain eye exams and glasses for anyone who is in need and unable to afford those services,  and…..they host, free to the community, the annual 4th of July and Easter celebrations!!  Bruce McAllister, the current President accepted the certificate of appreciation on behalf of the Lions Club.


Honorable mentions were Charlene Carney for her devotion to seeing that every child in the community be able to attend church camp, the Fire Department for their efforts above and beyond the call of duty and the volleyball and BBQ’S for the kids. Dawn Rettagliata was mentioned for her constant hard work and compassion.   Mathew Green was commended for his efforts in keeping the food pantry open for anyone wanting to sign up.  And of course, last but not least, Renee Castor was recognized for her vision and actions in bringing the community together and planting the seed of what would become the Chamber of Commerce.  


The Chamber hopes to make this a yearly event and we will be bringing you more details about that in the months to come.

Friends of the Library Annual Meeting

The Annual Friends of the Library meeting will be held on January 25th, 7pm at the CSA Hall.  The election of officers will be held and The Friends will be presenting
ERIC GREEN,  a biologist working with the solar companies specializing in the Desert Tortoise. 

Come get educated on the little critter whose was listed as an endangered species in 1990 resulting in many changes to the development landscape in the Desert Southwest.

First Solar Introduces NextEra and GE

First Solar will be hosting a community  BBQ on January 26th at 5:30 pm.  It will be held at the CSA Hall.  The BBQ is open to the community and the purpose is to introduce NextEra and GE, the new owners of First Solar to the commuity.

January 4th 2011
John Benoit pays the Lake Tamarisk area a surprise visit.  
On January 4th, John Benoit paid a surprise visit to the Desert Center area, arriving in time for the Chamber of Commerce Strategic Planning
Committee meeting.  Mr. Benoit shared that he was working toward assuring that Desert Center would reciever it's fair share of the money that would be coming to the county as a result of the vote to approve the Solar Development Fee.  He is strongly encouraging the Strategic  Planning Committee, and community to come up with some ideas and plans, without which it will be difficult to funnel money in our direction. The County Service Area will be the government agency responsible for distributing the funds, and our ideas and plans for the area must fall within Riverside County's  General Plan.  

Using the Chamber's new blog is a great way to be heard.  Just log into the site listed above and tell us what you want.  This is your opportunity to be part of the solution. 

Your District Supervisor, John Benoit

If you are interested in information pertaining to the Riverside County area, specifically John Benoits district, to which we belong you can subscribe to his newsletter by going to his website at www.rivco4.org    By clicking the "Contact Me" button you can email him directly.  We have been encouraged to voice our concerns, complaints and compliments by emailing him directly.  He is very good at getting back to you. I have also included an excerpt from his latest newsletter that pertains to the Solar Policy Power Plant Policy. 


Welcome to The Benoit Bulletin.  This e-report provides updates and information on what is happening in Riverside County and around the Fourth District. I trust you will find it informative, and I invite you to share it with your friends.

County Legislative Update

Solar Power Plant Policy Update: On Nov. 8, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a solar power plant policy requiring solar developers to pay a $450 per-acre payment for large-scale solar developments that will change our desert landscape forever. Included in the policy are incentives for hiring local workers and a credit for any property taxes the developers pay. Large-scale solar projects are largely exempt from property tax in California, but developers had asked for recognition of the small payments they make, and the policy reflects those payments. The New York Times’ recent feature, “A Gold Rush of Subsidies in Clean Energy Search,” clearly documents the multiple layers of taxpayer-funded subsidies that are dramatically enhancing profits and reducing risks to these big energy companies. Recognizing this, our policy was an appropriate stand for local residents and future generations.

On Nov. 15, my colleagues adopted Supervisor Jeff Stone’s proposal to “Require Every Convict Occupant Reimburse County Expenses.” Under the RECORCE ordinance, the county can require future convicts to reimburse the costs of their incarceration in county jail at $142 per day. This reimbursement will be sought on a case by case basis, depending on the defendants’ means. There are also higher-priority categories of restitution that convicts have to pay first, such as victim restitution and state surcharges. Still, any recovery costs generated can help our county now that the state has transferred more public safety responsibilities onto counties. Please click here to watch my interview with KESQ.

Fast-Track Permit Processing: Supervisor John Tavaglione and I have coauthored a measure calling on the state to adopt “fast-track” legislation to process permits from business owners and developers in just 90 days. If the state legislature can improve permitting processes, as we’ve shown here locally since 1995, we’ll be much further along the way to creating a better business environment in California.

Chamber of Commerce Feed the Masses at the Veteran’s Day Event

 The Desert Center Chamber of Commerce pulled together a team of volunteers at the eleventh hour to help with the scheduled Veteran’s Day event at Chiriaco Summit.  Plans began to fall apart on the eve of the event when several of the scheduled members had to work or found themselves injured or otherwise unable to attend.  Bryon Castor the president sent out a plea and in no time members, Barry  Reid, Jennifer Randall and Harold and Patty Bell and George and Lois Donaldson gathered together and pulled off a very successful event/fundraiser. According to George they sold EVERYTHING!!  People eventually began to eat hamburger patties with a little Chili poured over them as we ran out of buns, garnish and chips.  We earned, after expenses $520.00


Can Desert Center be the next Roswell?

Did you know on November 20, 1952 Desert Center was visited by aliens?  George Adamski and a group of 6 other individuals encounter a UFO hovering around Mile marker 10.2 on rice road.  Intrigued, George ventured over the knoll where he encountered a man of Nordic looking descent, not the typical slant eyed oblong headed type alien that usually comes to mind.  The siting was reported in the Phoenix Gazette and Oceanside Tribune.  In the conversation the pilot/alien had with George he expressed  deep concerns over nuclear bombs and the effect they have on the earth and surrounding planets.

In later years George would be visited by and invited into the spaceship by the aliens on numerous occasions.

In 1965 George Adamski founded the Adamski Foundation, which “is dedicated to promoting scientific fact and philosophical thought pertinent to understanding human life is the rule, not the exception, throughout the universe…” www.AdamskiFoundation.com

George Steckling and his family encountered a similar UFO experience and sought the opinion of Mr. Adamski, over the years they became friends and partners.  When Mr. Adamski died he willed his foundation over to the care of Mr. Steckling.  The foundation now rests in the hands of his son Glen Steckling.

On Nov. 19th Mr. Steckling came to Desert Center to give a presentation of the event and information about UFO’s in general.  The Chamber of Commerce hosted the event with a nice Lasagne dinner.  About 30 community members came and watched the slide show, gathered material and purchased a few books, tee shirts and other mementos.   After the meeting members of the Chamber sat and began the planning stage for the event.  The dedication is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 17th 2012.

The Desert Center Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the 60th anniversary of the Desert Center UFO landing next year.  A marker will be placed at the site of the landing followed by a dedication and conference.  We have not finalized all the details, but we’ll keep you posted.  For information or questions you can contact the Chamber of Commerce at dcareachamber@gmail.com address your questions to Renee Castor


Public Comment sought on Revised Draft Solar PEIS

December 8th the BLM will welcome comments from the public on the revised Draft Solar PEIS concerning the Solar Energy Zones being designated for 6 Southwestern States.  “The Draft Solar PEIS, reinforces and improves upon work to establish meaningful solar energy zones with transmission solutions and incentives for solar energy development within those zones.  The Blueprint’s early, comprehensive analysis will ultimately make for faster, better permitting of large-scale solar projects on public land.”

The BLM received more than 80,000 comments on the Draft Solar EIS which was published on Dec. 17th 2010. 

The Dec. 8th meeting will take place in Palm Desert at the Best Western Hotel located at 74695 Highway 111, Palm Desert Ca. 92260.  The will begin at 6 p.m.  You are encouraged to submit comments on line at Http://solareis.anl.gov.

First Solar's Ice Cream Social




Julie's Hair Studio hosts the May Mixer


Our First Chamber Meeting


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